Josh Tumath

Graduate Developer at the BBC

When you don't want your end-to-ends to get to the end

Here's the situation: You've got a service that's used by millions of people. You've got a great coverage of unit tests, integration tests, smoke tests and »

Moving on to Real Life

It's only a weekend to go now until I start at the BBC in their Software Engineering Graduate Scheme in Manchester, and I'm really looking forward »

We're now on HTTP/2.0

The website has been upgraded to HTTP/2.0, which delivers a much snappier experience when downloading Web pages. This was made possible by a server »

Major Project: Sprint 4 - R&R

Review Once again, this week was full of unexpected problems in part due to the technologies I'm using for the project. I realised I wasn't building »

Major Project: Sprint 4 - Planning

As the deadline is fast approaching, I need to get a move on. CRUD functionality for projects and user stories must be implemented first of all. »