About me

Wow, you're actually reading this! Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog.

I'm what's called a 'Graduate Software Engineer' at the BBC on their Software Engineering Graduate Scheme. I'm based in MediaCityUK, Salford and live in the area, but I'm originally from Chester. I recently graduated from Aberystwyth University studying Computer Science.

I am a full stack developer but most interested in Web standards, Web applications, front-end development and service design! I've been dabbling with the Web platform since the age of 10; back when 2004 when it wasn't so open!

I'm a Firefox Nightly user who likes living on the bleeding edge and regularly submit bug reports to Mozilla. Occasionally, I'll also contribute to discussions at the W3C, such as when I proposed a defer attribute in the img element, which was considered for standardisation by the Web Performance Working Group in the Resource Priorities specification. (But it never happened. The standards process takes time, and the Web moved on.)

I'm also a Christian, a member of City Church Manchester, a massive Disney Parks fan and a lover of bourbon biscuits.