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Major Project: Sprint 3 - Planning

On Monday morning is the Mid-Project Demonstration with my project's Second Marker. I will be planning for that, and hope to get some work done in this sprint to have something pretty to show off. Therefore, I would like to work on wireframes for an initial UI for viewing projects and user stories.

Following the demo, I would like to investigate what back-end to use for the project. I mentioned in the Sprint 2 retrospective how I'm finding it difficult to simulate relationships in the database with Ember CLI Mirage. Therefore, I would like to make an early start on the server-side implementation for this project. Having a clear idea of how the database will be structured and how the JSON API handles relationships will be helpful for me.

Let's see if we can also fit in the implementation of the sprints feature.

This sprint is the last sprint before the beginning of the Easter holidays. And there will be no big distractions this week. Hooray!

Goals for this sprint

  • Write plan and notes for the mid-project demo.
  • Create wireframes and implement designs for viewing projects and user stories.
  • Investigate server-side implementations of the JSON API in Node.js and how to interface between that and a MongoDB database.
  • Investigate how to have the client-side and server-side of the application running in the same repo as one package.
  • Finish off the work for viewing sprints.

How will it get done?

I will use draw.io to produce the wireframes and share them on this blog. I will also blog about how the demo went and what my findings are for the server-side application setup.