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Major Project: Sprint 2 - Planning

I demonstrated to my supervisor the login form that currently exists in the application, and explained the use of oauth2.

For the next sprint, he suggested it would make sense to work on more tangible features, now that the important logging in aspect is sorted. (That will also give me something better to demonstrate in time for the Mid-Project Demonstration in one and a half weeks.) So we discussed the possibility of working on the main feature of the project: creating sprints and user stories in SmallScrum.

Initially, I wanted to work on more of the user account administration features, but my supervisor pointed out that it is easy to get bogged down for ages on those features without getting much of the main stuff done that's going to get the marks. Another thing to consider is that: in the Scrum methodology that I'm using to develop the application, you are expected to produce a release at the end of each sprint. So it's not as if you're absolutely nailing a particular feature in a sprint like user administration and then moving onto another feature in the next sprint (which is how I generally like to work on projects). Rather, each release should build up an additional layer of general functionality.

Goals for this sprint

  • Viewing sprints
  • Viewing user stories

How will it get done?

This will mostly be done on the client-side, as I am still avoiding creating the actual server-side code at the moment. I will need to look into model representation in Ember.