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Major Project: Sprint 0 - R&R


The first sprint is done! A staging server has now been set up using nginx, which can be found at smallscrum.joshtumath.uk. I have also laid out in a blog post my desires for what technologies I believe would be best for the project and investigated the most appropriate framework to use. I have chosen to do the development with Ember. I have set up a private GitHub repository for the project (my supervisor recommended not to make it public for now) with Travis CI connected up for doing continuous integration.

However, I have not set up any server-side technologies (e.g. database and logic layer) as I originally planned. I am still unfamiliar with how best to go about it, but I do know that I will use the de facto standard JSON API for client-server communication. By using this standard API, I don't have to worry about what server back-end I use. Until I need to decide, I can use Ember Mirage to fake data from the server.


What went well?

  • All the foundational work for the rest of the project is now completed.
  • Although I was not able to settle on a server-side environment, I am able to work around that easily.

What could be improved?

  • My focus and time management with the project. I have been delayed by loads of unexpected external factors, like: having to work on a coding task for a BBC assessment centre, my car having its MOT and then breaking down a couple of days later, domestic tasks, shopping, social events, visiting family, workshop demonstrating and moving to a new phone contract. But life is full of distractions like that, so that's no excuse. I need to find a better way to manage my time.
  • Deploying Ember code that's been built is currently quite tedious. It would be good to eventually use either the Ember CLI Deploy script or Travis CI to automate uploading it to the staging server.

Things to think about

  • How should I represent my design planning for the rest of the project? Do I need to use CRC cards and the like? The specification for the final report requires a design specification in an appendix.