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Major Project: Sprint 0 - Planning

Now it's time to really crack on with the development for the Major Project. I've decided to call the project Small Scrum as a working title (which is a bit shorter than Software to aid digital marketing agencies in applying agile methodologies).

How I will be doing development

Confusingly, I will be using a development methodology akin to Scrum while developing this software to help digital agencies adopt scrum. Communication for this project is going to be quite difficult, since a lot of the software's UI terminology will be the same as the terminology I will be using when referring to my progress in its development.

Here's how it's going to work: There will be about nine sprints in this project (including for the writing of the final report.) At the beginning of each will be a 'planning meeting' on my own, where I will blog about what will be accomplished in the sprint and think about what user stories in the backlog to work on over the course of the sprint. At the end of the sprint, I hope to have a quick review and retrospective meeting with my supervisor to demonstrate a release to him and discuss how the development went.

Goals for this sprint

  • Consider what language to use and whether I will make use of any frameworks
    • Do some spike work, making a prototype with the framework
  • Set up a Git repository
  • Look into setting up Travis CI
  • Contact my supervisor about having regular review meetings