/ Major project

Major Project: Almost ready to start development

What's done

This week has been very busy for me, due to helping out with the Christian Union's mission week. However, I was able to get some work done:

  • I received the conference proceeding that I ordered from the library. I got it early in the week, and excitedly read it. I blogged about what I discovered from the paper.
  • I created an initial list of user stories which are being tracked on the project page in Taiga.
  • I have created a Gantt chart. It just wouldn't be a Major Project without the all important Gantt chart...! The chart shows the (currently tentative) dates of sprints and the milestones and deadlines for the project.

A Gantt chart showing the schedule of the project.

What's next

I will be starting off Sprint 0. I will make a blog post at the start of next week about what needs to be done.