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Major Project: Laying the first steps

What's done

My Outline Project Specification is now completed and submitted. I hope to have it hosted online somewhere soon.

While searching for relevant papers, there was one I came across that was particularly useful. The conference proceeding, entitled Design and Development in the “Agile Room”: Trialing Scrum at a Digital Agency looked very interesting. The abstract mentions they were trialling Scrum at a digital agency in London called Cimex. I don't currently have access to the paper at the University's library, so I've requested it. I was going to try and contact the company, but apparently they've gone into liquidation in 2012! That's two years after the proceeding was published. That's not a positive sign...

What's next

  • Produce a gantt chart. My supervisor believes it would be useful for me to prepare some plan like a gantt chart to have a rough idea of how to time the development work for the project - with deadlines and presentation dates also noted down.
  • Creating user stories for each of the requirements. I have already created a more general bullet point list of requirements for my supervisor, but this will allow me to create a more thorough list with use cases applied to them.
  • Spike work for looking into frameworks to use for the project. I want to make sure the software has a good user experience, so whatever framework I use needs to enable loading of page content through AJAX. However, I also want to make sure I follow the principals of Progressive Enhancement when developing this Web app, so it's important to make sure that there is a fallback to server-side generation of pages.
  • Once the library get back to me, I can use the conference proceeding to help me start writing an example to include in my final report.

I am once again constrained for time next week, as the Christian Union (a society I am a member of) is putting on a fortnight of important events that I need to help with.