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Major Project: Beginning the Outline Project Specification

What's done

Last week, I've been doing a lot of preparatory work to get this project off the ground:

  • Met up with my supervisor on Thursday to discuss a very rough draft of the agile project management system's requirements, and to plan what I will be working on this week.
  • Set up a new VPS running nginx
    • Installed Node.js and Ghost on the server and migrated my personal website to the Ghost blog.
  • Written an introductory blog post, explaining the background for the project and why I'm doing it.

There have been a few things taking up my time last week, which pushed me to get things done much later than planned.

What's next

This week will be focused on completing the Outline Project Specification. Some of this can be adapted from my rough draft of the project requirements that I presented to my supervisor.

I will also want to find a suitable tool to help me to track progress in the project. As I want to set out the requirements for the project in the form of story cards, Trello and Taiga are possibilities.

Finally, I will need to consider what development methodology I will be using for the project (which will, of course, be an agile one!) and what programming language I intend to use on the server-side (most likely PHP, but I am also considering JavaScript with Node.js).

I am heavily constrained for time this week and the next, as the Christian Union (a society I am a member of) is putting on a fortnight of important events that I need to help with.