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Group project: coding week - day 5

Coding week is finally over!

My alarm glitched this morning, so I didn’t wake up until 9:30am and didn’t get to the computer room until half an hour later. However, I was pleased to see that everyone in the team was there (including the two members that stayed overnight!). However, our QA Manager had to leave early due to illness. Regardless, we were well underway to getting everything ready in time for the 12:30pm deadline.

And we did… just about. There were a few outstanding bugs that needed fixing, but everything was ready in time. We had a fully featured Android app that could track where you walk and a Web site using the Google Maps APIs to render the received data.

Right after we finished, our Project Manager arrived to conduct and an acceptance test (which sadly involved walking around in the rain). He mostly concluded that our software was fully functional, so it was a pleasing end to the project.

All that’s left now is our final report, which is due in two and a half weeks.

Hours today: 3

Total hours: 68