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Group project: Coding week - day 4

Today had been a long day. We began with a software verification review, which went well. We identified many things that need fixing, which gave us plenty to do for the day. Our code sprint began at about 10:30am, and I hoped for us to finish at our usual time of 5pm, but sadly we didn’t, due to an unfortunate series of persistent bugs.

I also intended for us to start unit testing today, but the sub-team that were working on it had difficulty getting it to work in our development environment, so we were unable to do them.

Midway through the sprint, I decided it would make sense to mark our issues on GitHub as either high or low priority. That way, our required work was drastically reduced.

But our main show-stopper was a bug that corrupted base64 image encodings between the Android app and the server. I stayed with the Web team until 11:30pm trying to fix it. Turned out the cause was – amongst other things – a typo in a variable name.

Today was a fun day, but I’m not sure if I want to be in B23 for 12 hours ever again. We also realised one functional requirement had not been met completely. I thought it wasn’t worth fixing, but two members offered to stay and continue working on it through the night.

This was our last full day working on the project together. This week has really affirmed to me how fortunate I’ve been to be put with such a hard working and friendly group of people to work with. They’ve all contributed greatly to the project and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.

Hours today: 12

Total hours: 65