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Group project: Coding week - day 3

The plan today was to get the software feature-complete and finish off with a review.

Today, I worked on nothing in particular that I can recall. I was sitting with each of the group members, suggesting work for them to do, helping them in decisions and ensuring everything was running smoothly. I was working in anticipation of the software verification review in the afternoon. However, two bugs were occurring that were delaying when we could hold the review. The first was a bug in the Android app where a crash was occurring. The second was an issue with how JSON data was being received from the Android app to the Web site.

While the former issue was fixed by mid-afternoon, the latter took some time. Therefore, I had to postpone the review until tomorrow morning. Two group members stayed behind after the rest of us 5pm to fix the bug. We’ll be meeting at 9:30am tomorrow for the review.

Hours today: 8

Total hours: 53