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Group project: Coding week - day 1

The week we’ve been preparing for for an entire semester – integration and testing week – is finally upon us. None of the team did any work during the Christmas holidays, but that was fine – we were on it!

I told the team to meet me in the usual meeting room, where we discussed exactly what needs doing during the week. I told them we need to get the applications feature-complete by Wednesday evening, and then the final code needs to be submitted on Friday at noon. We discussed what needs doing, and roughly planned out what we’ll be doing each day.

We then moved on to the computer room to start the work. I was really pleased with the Android-side of the project. It was exciting when one of the Android developers showed me the GPS tracker was finally working – and running on his phone! I sat with the Web team, where we were also making good progress. I worked on the aesthetics of the Web site, and restructured some of the code.

Later, the Project Manager checked up on us to see how we were getting on, and I was pleased he was able to see good progress made by every single person. And as we were making such good progress, I saw no need for everyone to stay until six o’clock, so at about 4:30pm, I brought everyone back to the meeting room to recap what we’ve done and discuss what needs doing tomorrow.

I’ve really enjoyed today, and I’m expecting tomorrow to be just as good. Everyone in the team was working really hard.

Hours today: 8

Total hours: 38