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Group project: The mad rush before Christmas

During the Friday meeting, we presented the Design Specification to the Project Manager, who appeared happy with it. Now that that document was complete, we could focus on preparing for our development milestone on the prototypes for the Android app and the Web site. The former hadn’t made good process, but the latter was progressing rapidly, so I was very pleased with that. I told the team to have their prototypes ready by next Friday. I also gave the team clearer targets on what they should achieve by then (which I probably should have done in the first place).

I was very busy with an assignment this week, and was not able to contribute much to the work of the project. However, I did attend the Wednesday meeting, which was headed by the Deputy Project Leader. Additionally, I had received some devastating news on Thursday when I would normally be preparing for the meeting on Friday, so I was somewhat unprepared.

Hours this week: 1

Total hours: 30