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Group project: Finalising the Design Specification

I was a bit concerned during this work week’s Friday meeting over the slow progress our team has made with the design specification. However, I reminded the subteam writing it that the deadline will soon be upon us. I have been assured that it will be completed in time for the Friday meeting. I also offered to work on the front-end design of the Web site prototype, but this is a low priority for me.

During the week, I began transferring our feedback for the Project Plan and Testing Specification into issues on GitHub.

During the Wednesday meeting, we did a formal review of the Design Specification. However, there were a few major issues, due to the fact that the team working on the document had not compiled all of the sections they were working on into the same document. Additionally, there were a few things mentioned that weren’t correct or didn’t go into enough detail.

I spent Wednesday evening correcting these problems, and left the document ready for the team to finalise on Thursday. However, there was much still to be finalised, so I spent Thursday evening doing the same. They were two very late nights that I really didn’t want.

Hours this week: 9

Total hours: 29