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Group project: Testing and designing

This Friday meeting, we were required to submit our Project Plan to our Project Manager.

On Sunday, I started work on a spreadsheet to keep track of the working hours of everyone in the group. As everyone must have done about 80 hours of work, it is important for me to ensure everyone is putting in a reasonable amount of effort each week.

The following day, we had a meeting to design the class structure for the Android app. Our Chief Architect created an initial version that we looked over, which seemed quite good. We gave feedback on it, but it was perhaps a bit difficult to mull over because we didn’t have an understanding of what class design Android apps would conventionally use. During this meeting, I also used to chance to fill in the hours that everyone has spent on the project in my spreadsheet.

On Wednesday, we held a formal review for the Testing Specification. I also asked the Deputy Project Leader to lead the sub-team for the Design Specification. I plan on starting prototyping this coming Friday.

Hours this week: 3

Total hours: 15