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Group project: Finalising the Project Plan

This Friday meeting, everyone was presenting the work that had done for their section of the Project Plan. I was really pleased to see how much everyone had done. I’ve asked everyone to finalise their work on Wednesday, where we will have a review of the plan. Then, hopefully we can submit the final version either on the same day or Friday. Additionally, two people have started the Testing Plan.

However, our QA Manager had once again not formatted the meeting minutes properly to the correct format. He had also not emailed everyone when they were published. I have been away with a society during the weekend, and was therefore unable to follow up on the minutes during that time.

I was very pleased with the progress everyone in the team had made, though (barring one person who had not contributed and did not attend the meeting). During the Wednesday meeting, we went over what everyone had done for their respective sections of the plan. Our QA Manager gave a great inspection of each part. Now all that’s left is to formally document everything and hand it in during the upcoming Friday meeting.

Hours this week: 3

Total hours: 12