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Group project: Planning the Project Plan

This Friday’s meeting was during the deadline for the CS211 assignment. I wanted to make sure my assignment was completed and handed in before the meeting, so I finished it last night and printed out my documentation this morning. However, not everyone else was able to do the same, and one was ill. We only had five members (including me) attend the meeting; everyone else was absent. Even our Project Manager manager was unable to attend, but neither was his replacement from the department, because sadly she was ill.

However, with the five that attended, we managed to get quite a bit done! Everything is in place to begin our project plan, but it was difficult to allocate people to working on each section.

Things got better on Tuesday, however, as everyone was able to attend a meeting at 3 o’clock. We were able to spread the work for the project plan over everyone. Two people that are not doing any sections in the plan have been asked to go to a Git workshop on Wednesday to learn about using version control for the project.

So after a bad start, it looks like we’ll be making good progress this week, and I’m looking forward to see what the team has got done on Friday.

Hours this week: 4

Total hours: 9