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Group project: First week leading

In our group meeting last Friday, I was selected as group leader. However, I wasn’t aware of the specifics of what this would involve. The myriad of information in the QA documents that explain the entire process of the project was hard to sift through, and didn’t explain the details of what this involves. I expected I would be slowly transitioned into the role from the Project Manager, but rather I had a lead weight dropped on me, and suddenly I was managing an entire team of eight people.

Before this was decided, I offered to do the minutes for the meeting. However, as I didn’t initially know how meeting notes were formatted, I scribbled my notes down on my laptop not knowing what I was doing. At the end of the meeting, I asked Lars to compile my notes for me into the correct format (since I was chosen to be Project Manager).

I was busy all day on Saturday, but it appeared Lars still hadn’t compiled my notes for me, so I decided I’d be best doing them myself. This was actually quite helpful to do, because it gave me a better idea of how meetings are structured. After writing them up, I was able to create the agenda for our first informal meeting.

The first meeting went quite well, but I think we’re still not quite clear on what we all need to do generally. I asked two members of the team to think about the Testing Plan, and we’ll be starting off on the Project Plan document together in our next meeting. Until then, I’ll need to look into exactly what needs to go in it (whilst also finishing the CS211 assignment).

Hours this week: 4

Total hours: 5